On runs both short and long, with Falls you'll not go wrong

Falls Metal Stampings

Since 1964, our metal stampings have been the choice of leading manufactures worldwide. The reason is simple. We know how to do the job right.

Our highly skilled technical staff, full line of equipment and dedication to superior customer service have earned Falls Metal Stampings a reputation for dependably producing error free, quality stampings – at very competitive prices. This includes stampings and sub-assemblies of any size; made of aluminum, steel, brass, copper, stainless steel or a customized alloy we create specifically for your job; with short to long runs.

Design. Engineering. Production.

From initial concept through delivery, our experienced, skilled staff devotes enormous time and energy into every detail of your stamping’s production.

Our quotes include all necessary design, engineering and production services. Our staff engineers design and make all our own tools and dies – resulting in higher quality and lower costs to our customers. All tooling is reserved exclusively for the continuing use of the customer that it was created for. If required, we will replace the die at no cost.

We also provide engineering assistance in developing prototypes of miniature, small and medium sized parts for testing and critical inspection of hardness and size and shape accuracy prior to volume production.

Facilities. Machinery. Materials.

Falls Metal Stamping’s brick and steel plant covers 15,000 square feet.

Our modern facility contains a full line of punch presses ranging from 5 to 100 tons, grinders, deburring units, lathes, EDM, milling machines, welders and other assorted machinery. Click here for full equipment list.

We stock all types of metals including aluminum, steel, brass, copper and stainless steel. In addition, we have the expertise and capability to create specialty materials if required.

Expertise. Quality. Service.

Millions of stampings, thousands of customers and more than 50 years of experience are only the beginning of the benefits Falls Metal Stampings offers our customers.

Every aspect of our entire operation is tooled to provide a superior experience in every step of the way – engineering expertise, quality production and customer service. Regardless of job size and complexity, our customers can be confident they will receive the best product, price and time line possible.

We don’t just promise that your job will be done right, we guarantee it.

Let us do your job right.